Well Water Systems

Well water is something of a two edged sword. While there are benefits to well water, there are also some major drawbacks as well. Having a knowledgeable company install your well water system as well as like AAA Pump and Well help you install your well water system or service your well water system can make having well water something to look forward to once again.

  • Cost: While a water well pump and a filtration system are required, however you will eventually make a return on your investment and start saving money. Because you are not using public water, there is no water bill anymore. Instead, you can use as much water as you like for absolutely nothing.
  • Financial Benefits: People who install a well may be eligible for certain benefits. Check with your village to see if you are entitled to any tax breaks or grants.
  • Taste: Quality well water has a more pleasant taste compared to city-supplied water. This is due to the fact that well water is not treated chemically before it reaches your house and therefore has a purer, softer taste.
  • Environment: The filtration systems used for well water create far less pollution than the industrial machines used for public water. water-1587717_960_720Individual well filtration systems also use less energy than those used for public consumption.
  • Higher risk of micro-organisms: Because some well filtration systems don’t use the harsh chemicals that public water systems use, the chances of germs and bacteria making it through into the home is greater, but this downside can easily be overcome by adding a special filter to kill or remove these threats
  • No Fluoride: While some people think that this is a benefit, the truth is fluoride is naturally occurring in wells. Having your well water tested to make sure what levels of fluoride your well has and if you need to take steps to get more to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • Electricity: Because well pumps use electricity you will see an increase in electrical usage. This also means that if you see a stop in electrical service, your water will also cut out as well, unless you have a constant pressure system that has a large enough reserve.

Well Pumps 

AAA Pump and Well can help you with your well pump installation, as well as any well service and pump repair needs that might arise. AAA Pump and well can also help with purchasing a well filtration system as well. Making sure that your home has good quality well water all year round. Because problems don’t wait for the most convenient time for you, 24 hour emergency service is offered so that you don’t have to wait for ‘normal’ business hours, because trouble doesn’t work on business hours.