Winterizing your Pipes Mchenry

When it comes to winter, the most susceptible system in your home is you water pipes. As water freezes it expands causing your pipes to bend and break. A broken pipe or seal on your pipes leads to a leak which reduces water pressure and can cause mold growth, along with water damage to walls and rotting out wood. The best way to do this is to make sure your well water system is ready for winter. Taking these easy steps and calling AAA Pump and Well to help will make your winter a dream with plenty of hot showers or baths.

Well Pump Mchenry

While most homeowners that have well systems do not experience problems, it is important to know what to expect and areas of risk for those systems. Well system freezing can be very costly, more so than non-well water homes. Pumps for well water systems are either installed below ground near the water, or above ground in a protected area. Checking your well hole to make sure that it is properly sealed never hurts. While typically in Mchenry Illinois you can expect anything deeper than 40 inches to be safe from freezing, if the seal on your well hole is broken the cold will get deeper and cause problems. For above ground pumps checking your pump house to make sure that the insulation is good and any heating elements are in working order.

Well System Mchenry

One of the problems that can occur during winter is loss of power. For homeowners with well water system this means a loss of water as well. Typically having a battery backup or a emergency generator is a good plan to keep the water in your home running, as well as getting the power back on. Loss of power also means a loss of heating as well. So make sure that your lines, especially those that are on an outside wall, are properly insulated if you can see them. One method for keeping the lines from freezing if you do lose power is to keep the faucets open a little, but that requires water pressure to work.

Well Service Mchenry

One of the best ways to make sure that your well is ready for winter is to have your well system inspected. AAA Pump and Well’s technicians can help you keep your well and home safe this winter from any well water problems that could arise from your well water system.