Common Well Water Problems

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AAA Pump & Well Will Work With You To Diagnose and Correct Water Well Problems

Unlike Municipalities water systems, well water isn’t regulated by the government. This lack of regulation can lead to a number of well water issues and potential health risks. The truth of the matter is, your private water well could experience several types of problems. You can break water well problems into two distinct categories.  First, is the quality of the water, which directly affects the health of you and your family.  The second type of problem is the delivery of the well water to your home or business.

If you’re experiencing problems with no water, low water pressure, or inconsistent water pressure call us today! You could have a problem with your water well tank, water well pump, or even your water well constant pressure system. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you contact AAA Pump & Well today to schedule an inspection and service of your water well systems.

When it comes to the quality of your water well, here are some things to look for.  If you experience any of these types of problems, you should contact AAA Pump & Well to have your system tested and serviced as soon as possible!

Visual Problems


Scale or scum Calcium or Magnesium Salts
Turbid water Dirt, clay salts, silt or rust
Green stains on fixtures High acidity
Brown-red stains on fixtures, clothing Dissolved iron
Cloudy water that clears upon standing Poorly working pumps or problems with filters


Taste Problems


Salty or brackish High sodium
Alkali or soapy taste Dissolved alkaline minerals
Metallic taste Acidity or high iron content
Chemical Chemicals or pesticides


Smell Problems


Rotten egg odor Dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfur reducing bacteria
Detergent odor or foaming water Seepage from septic tanks
Gasoline or oil smell Leaking gasoline storage tanks
Methane gas or earthy / musty Decaying organic matter
Chlorine Excessive chlorination

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