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Homeowners, sellers, and buyers who are considering purchasing or selling a piece of property with a well water system, should get a well inspection first. Working with the highly knowledgable staff at AAA Pump and Well can shed some light on what you are purchasing. Our Inspections also help property sellers protect themselves against litigation. Get a certified well inspection to ease your buyers and to protect yourself. Our real estate well inspections provide the analysis you need to make a well informed decision.


Why Should Test Your Well Water When Purchasing or Selling a Home?architecture-885890__180

Bacteria is everywhere and most are harmless but some can cause serious health conditions in humans and animals. Your well needs to be tested annually for coliform, a broad type of bacteria that infect the digestive tracts of animals and humans. If your laundry or plumbing fittings are starting to stain, your well needs to be tested for iron bacteria. If you are in a rural area, your well should also be annually tested for farming chemicals, nitrates and nitrites. E. Coli bacterial tests should be considered, especially if your septic system has problems.