Well Cleaning Service – McHenry & Northern Illinois

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Well Cleaning Service and Your Drinking Water

water-1154080__180Part of proper well water system management is regular well cleaning. If you are currently experiencing well water issues such as having low water flow, water which appears cloudy, or if your water has a foul taste and odor, then your well system may need cleaning. AAA Pump and Well can conduct several water tests to ensure that water system is performing correctly.

Chlorine alone will not keep your well clean. Over time there may be a built up debris sitting on the bottom of your well. This solid matter can also build up, on not only the bottom of the well, but around the well casing, and in other parts of the water system. Once AAA Pump & Well has detected the problem, a thorough inspection and cleaning may be recommended.


AAA Pump & Well’s Well Cleaning Process

While chlorine is an effective disinfectant, it only works properly if your well is free of debris and solid matter. Well cleaning involves removing any solid matter and built up debris from the bottom of your well. In addition to debris removal, the well casing is brushed and cleaned, removing from it any built up solids. We then clean and flush the gravel pack and aquifer surrounding the well.

Well inspections and water tests are the only sure fire way to know for if your well needs cleaning. Our highly trained well inspectors will start by conducting a anaerobic bacteria test. Anaerobic bacteria testing will give you an idea of the overall bacteria level of your well. Once a sample is taken it will be tested to determine the amount of anaerobic activity.

When should you clean your well?

AAA Pump & Well recommends you have your well tested annually for bacteria, contaminates and nitrates. More frequent testing may be necessary if noticeable problems occur such as foul odor or taste. Additional testing should be considered if you have an infant or elderly residents in the house or place of business. If family members are experiencing frequent stomach problems call a water professional like those at AAA Pump & Well immediately.